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Shin Kasado Dockyard Co.,Ltd.succeeded the Repair Department of Kasado Dockyard Co.,Ltd.and established on 1st April,1988 mainly for the business of repair conversion of ships and fabrication of the industrial machineries.Our yard is located in the part of Open Port of Tokuyama Kudamatsu port with calm water in all seasons which lies the western edge of main land of Japan and faces Bungo Strait,is convenient for coming in and going out without compulsory inland pilot and restriction of time to port in and sail out ,also is equipped with 3(three)repair drydocks(51,000G.T.37,600G.T.and 7,500G.T.)which are extremely effective for quick response to the repair and remodelling of all types of ships and marine structures. With these facilities and advantageous location,we will continue every effort to make contributions to shipping industries and engineering and construction works,keeping our minds on "Quality Control","Cost-Down"and "Short Working Time".



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